Effectuating the Legal Framework for the Protection of Wetlands in Uganda

Publication Type:

Journal Article


P. Mpiriirwe


Makerere Law Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1, p.22-35 (2013)


environment, Legal Framework, Philbert Mpiirwe, Protection of Wetlands, Wetlands


<p style="text-align: justify;">In Uganda today bulletins covering another swamp turned settlement area or reclaimed for other purposes industrial or access route related no longer make attention grabbing news. And neither do hands go up in uproar at the occurrence of this in their backyards. Development is welcome but at what cost. Isn&rsquo;t the environmental law about sustainable development? Or is this law inapplicable to the fast diminishing swamp area in Uganda. This paper seeks to discuss the international, Regional, and National legal framework relating to the protection of wetlands in Uganda, the extent to which this protection has been achieved, and the most practical ways of giving effect this framework bearing in mind the prevalent existing, political, social and economic realities.</p>