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The School of Law has since evolved from what started as a SCHOOL OF LAW in 1968, the...

Why Makerere University School of Law?

The Makerere School of Law has distinguished itself among other Schools of Law as one of the best places to nurture legal minds.  This assertion follows over forty years of experience since its formation in 1973 as the first and only institution teaching law in Uganda. Through the years, thousands of lawyers have graduated at the School and there is no doubt that these have been at the centre of events both locally and internationally.

Makerere School Of Law Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the Schoool of Law Makerere University was started in 1993 under the deanship of associate Professor Fredrick Jjuuko. The association was created to mantain vital links between the School of Law and its alumni. While the Association has been inactive for a number of years, the leadership at the School of Law seeks to revive this very important Association. To be apart of this initiative Register Now .


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© School of Law, All rights reserved

© School of Law, All rights reserved

Scholarships & Opportunities

The School of Law, Makerere University is a partner in a regional project called “Strengthening Human Rights Research and Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (SHUREA)”. SHUREA is a Finnish funded project whose overall goal is to strengthen policy relevant human

In partnership with: the Institute for Human Rights atÅboAkademi University; Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria; School of Law at Addis Ababa University; and School of Law Nairobi University, the School of Law Makerere University is implementing

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