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The School of Law has since evolved from what started as a SCHOOL OF LAW in 1968, the School  has sought to provide quality education in study of Law and Legal Sciences, and to promote the development of a well-rounded scholar and advocate. Over the thirty years of its existence, the School has expanded tremendously. While the fast graduating class (1968-71) was made up of 17 male students and 6 women, the Class of 1997- 2001 boasts a total of nearly 300, with a female enrollment of nearly 40 percent Whereas the Faculty opened with only 6 teachers, today it is made up of a teaching staff of over thirty, comprising 24 men and 8 women. All of them are Ugandan academics who have distinguished themselves m their respective disciplines. Commencing as a department in the faculty of Social Sciences, today the Faculty is divided into...

Makerere School Of Law Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the Schoool of Law Makerere University was started in 1993 under the deanship of associate Professor Fredrick Jjuuko. The association was created to mantain vital links between the School of Law and its alumni. While the Association has been inactive for a number of years, the leadership at the School of Law seeks to revive this very important Association. To be apart of this initiative Register Now .


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© School of Law, All rights reserved

© School of Law, All rights reserved

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